What gives Andy a PermaGrin?

Wino-Harry.jpg.scaled500Old, musty, thick and full bodied reds mostly. Andy gets turned on by wines that stand out, wines that have something remarkable about them. He refuses to give a 10/10 – finding the perfect bottle of wine would mean the hunt is over. And he loves the hunt. He unfortunately is starting to like expensive wine more (life’s too short for bad wine?), but totally acknowledges that price and quality have zero relation in the world of wine. He used to HATE chardonnay (smells and tastes like cat’s pee) – but is starting to get converted. Probably the most qualified to be here, Harry has a wonderfully posh sounding name and actually works in the industry. He has long hair and lives in Cape Town (we think the two sometimes go together). Harry blogs at Wine and I, works for Backsberg (full disclaimer, written in broken haiku here). He is internationally famous for inventing the Kak to Lekker wine rating scale. Harry believes passionately in educating the supermarket wine drinker, uplifting them on the road to wine discovery. In that light, you’ll probably read a lot more long form content of Harry’s on Real Time Wine. Every now and again, after a good Chenin, we may sneak a 140 character review out of him!

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