Shout Outs

Here’s our wall of awesome. The people, brands and products that have rocked our world and helped the movement. We love you.

The Chenin Blanc Association. Keep fighting lads!
Reynecke for hosting the Cape Town Winos (and we believe the samples are in the mail!)
Longridge for hosting the Cape Town Winos and sending some samples up to us poor chops in landlocked JHB.
Warwick for the wine-off with Sam Suddon, and some tasty lamb chops.
Anatu for a rad tasting and chat about the state of the “nation”
Man Vintners for the care package of Man Vintners varietals and the new Tormentoso range. The Winos are crunching through them!
La Vierge for the awesome 4 cities tweet ‘n taste attended by Wino Doug and Wino Carla (and a bunch of Real Time Wine fans)
KWV for the “we won 2 gold medals” package and ever-so-friendly events company dude.
Napier Winery for the tasting package of their entire range. Your Chardonnay rocked Wino Andy’s world and the Cab Sav already has Wino Doug slobbering in anticipation.
Nederburg for making Wino Doug drink through 30 years of wine in 3 hours. While he complained bitterly about the “work”, he loved every second of it!
Wine Style Magazine for the tasting tips, industry chat and future collaboration opportunities. Watch this space!
Nederburg for the 5* chef and wine extravaganza in Rivonia.
Neil Pendock for generally being a rad dude and a supporter of the movement. And for kicking our ass when we didn’t get Wino Harry’s disclosure up quick enough!
Suck the Marrow for the Vriesenhof care package. Changing Wino Andy’s mind on Chardonnay and making Wino Heidi go all quivery for the Pinot Noir.
Wedderwill for the invite to stay at The Summerhouse on the farm. We’re looking forward to it and will update your shout out afterwards.
Southern Sun for the invite to the Italian Cuisine Food and Wine Evening…
Zonnebloem. You sent us a bottle for tweeting about you.

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