Ricardo Gouveia.

STOP! Hammer time. Ricardo is the man in the suit with the BCOM (as opposed to all the other BA grads in the Real Time Wine family!). Spend just 10 minutes with him and you’ll see he has the trappings of a wine man. He really knows his stuff. Whips out the right words at the right time at the right taste. That palate thing? He done got it! Thankfully for us, he has decided to cast aside any leanings towards snobbery and bring his wealth of knowledge to the common man! HOO RAH. Also blogs on The Wine Oak (which is an awesome domain for a South African Wino!).

What gives Ricardo a PermaGrin? Variety is the spice of life and MANY things make Ricardo tick: anything adventurous, mountain biking, scuba diving, wildlife, 4×4, photography and golf to name a few. He loves the outdoors (and a “Backsberg Tread Lightly Merlot” to end off a hike). The adventure of trying different wines is his destiny and he even makes his own wine on occasion. Ricardo favours the reds and enjoys his Shirazes spicy and smooth. Otherwise it’s an in-your-face-yet-still-restrained Cab Sav, “old world style”. He says the whites are for drinking during the day or really hot summer nights and the versatility of Chenin Blanc always does the trick, as it can either have the fresh crispness of a Sauvignon Blanc or the richness of a chardonnay. What would really make him permagrin? – Living on a wine farm!

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