It’s in the Mix

23072011014I have always been a single variety wine kind of guy, perhaps because I assumed that all the good stuff went into single variety wines and blends were made from the leftovers.

In some instances, this may be true when it comes to mass production of blended wines, but this is not the case at all when quality blends are produced. The purpose of blending is to combine 2 or more wines and make them better as a whole. Now this doesn’t mean that you can just go and add good wine to any old plonk to make it better, each wine has to contribute positively to the whole in some way or form.

There are several reasons why a winemaker may want to blend wines:

To enhance the aroma
To improve the colour
To add or minimize flavours and tastes
To adjust the pH
To lower or raise acidity
To raise or lower alcohol levels
To adjust the sweetness of a wine
To correct a wine with too much oak flavour
To raise or lower levels of tannin

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