Heidi Schneigansz

photo.jpg.scaled.500An ex-professional taster (we call her a reformed Wino now that she’s come across to the other side) who’s a Senior Account Director (larney) at a digital agency in the real world. Having her Springbok colours (we like to say) for wine, and a healthy appetite for Gingers, cricket and the Internet made her a perfectly qualified Wino target. Her nickname is SnowGoose – which has a helluva story behind it. I think ze Germans are involved. Ask her over a glass of white.

What gives Heidi a PermaGrin? Heidi loves white wine. No, I don’t think you fully understand – a crisp lemony Sauvignon Blanc makes her salivate like a fat kid at a high tea buffet. Whether they’re freshly-cut-grassy or rich and buttery, they’re welcome in Snowgoose’s glass. She doesn’t mind a good, hearty Bordeaux blend in front of the fire on a chilly eve but the words Chenin, Chard and Pinot Grigio sound so much sweeter than Merlot, Shiraz and Pinot Noir.

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