Carla van der

Bryce-Gillespie.jpg.scaled500Carla van der Merwe broke into the Real Time Wine scene through sheer volume of fan reviews. Seriously. She swamped us. And we like anyone who does that. Carla, like Harry, is probably more qualified to be here than anyone. Every now and again we like to put someone on the Wino Team that actually knows what they’re talking about (but only sometimes). Carla is one of those. She has fancy degrees in English and Marketing, but ended up in the wine industry, glugging back South Africa’s finest produce. How’s dem grapes?

What gives Carla a PermaGrin?¬†Carla has three favourite cultivars that make her toes curl in enjoyment: Shiraz, Viognier and Mouvedre. She prefers them on their own, in pairs or as a sexy blended threesome. She feels that any wine can be improved by adding a splash of Shiraz’s pepperiness or Viognier’s flowery scent or Mouvedre’s elusive charm. If given the option, Carla would rather sip on a red wine than a white wine but if it has to be white she likes them wooded and buttery.

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