Bryce Gillespie

ricardo-gouveia.jpg.scaled500Bryce Gillespie. Student warrior. Brave enough to review Autumn Late Harvest Crackling. That’s how he rolls. Well, not actually – Bryce has surprisingly good taste buds (after all that Crackling) and a knack for turning the taste into creative 140 character wine reviews. Our job at Real Time Wine is balance his heady attraction to the “big guns” of the wine world with the under R50 world of the supermarket wine drinker. We think there’s a place for both. Also involved in wine industry social media stuff, and studies a bit from time to time.

What gives Bryce a PermaGrin? Bryce likes his reds big, bold and spicy. A fiery Shiraz or full-bodied Pinotage is welcome in his goblet any day. He’s been known to dabble with some fruity Cabernet Franc, frequently stumbles around with Rhone-style blends and has often been seen flirting with other lesser-known varietals. When it comes to the whites, a fragrant Viognier and gorgeously wooded Chardonnay are always rewarded with a cheeky smile. Bring an unwooded Chardonnay near him and you might catch a smack upside the head. Although he says he carries no bias, we’ve noticed that his eyes light up when offered a chance to taste some of the “big guns” of the wine world. He’s also stated that he suddenly has a particular attraction to a fine glass of bubbly.

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